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The Diamond Traphouse

3 Piece Floater Ring

3 Piece Floater Ring

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Whenever you need a cleaning or a repair The Diamond Traphouse takes care of that no problem.

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All jewelry is made in house at The Diamond Traphouse with every piece made with extreme care

Introducing the stunning 3 Piece Floater Ring, an exquisite and versatile jewelry piece that embodies elegance, sophistication, and individuality. Designed exclusively for The Diamond Traphouse, this ring can come with three different color stones: radiant yellow, enchanting pink, and pristine white, allowing you to express your unique style and personality.


Introducing "Ice Me Craze," the exclusive jewelry brand available only at "The Diamond Traphouse." We bring you a collection of exquisite diamond jewelry that exudes luxury, style, and brilliance.

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Free Jewelry Repairs

With The Diamond Traphouse we guarantee a customers satisfaction and will give FREE jewelry repairs and cleanings

Handmade Jewelry

All Jewelry here at The Diamond Traphouse is constructed in house by hand. No imports all handmade with extreme care.